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Letters extra: Schools are not being inspected

I read with interest your article "Has scale-down gone too far?" ( TES April 27) and I have news for Graham Lane, education chairman of the Local Government Association. Pupils are already going through their school career without having their school inspected and that is before proposed changes to the inspection system.

My elder child may leave school after she has taken her GCSEs in a few weeks time. Her school has not had an inspection in the five years she has been there and her primary school was not inspected until some time after she left.

As a parent it concerns me that I have not seen an independent assessment of her school or had the opportunity to find out whether my nagging concerns about certain aspects of her school are justified. I always speak to the school if my daughter has problems but I cannot go in and see for myself. I have rung Ofsted to find out if the school is due for inspection before my younger child leaves but they can't or won't tell me. I thought that one of the reasons for the existence of Ofsted was to provide information to parents but they've been no use to me at all.

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