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Letters extra: Scrap Sats

With reference to your scrap Sats campaign. I would like to give you the perfect example of why Sats should be scrapped. I am a parent of two children aged 5 and 7. Last June their school had an OFSTED inspection. A substantial gap has appeared between the standard of teaching and the Sats results. On the one hand the inspection team found the majority of lessons ExcellentVery GoodGood with only two lessonsnbsp;being unsatisfactory. On the other hand, on the point scale the school received mainly Es for attainment in Sats results. This could look like the school was bad. It's not. It's a wonderful school.

The behaviour of the children is wonderful. They are happy. The school doesn't believe in letting the pupils know about Sats. The children have not had hours of homework and do not sit all in silence.

The Ofsted inspection criticized the school for dropping drama on the curriculum - is it any wonder when the last report said the school needed to improve its numeracy and literacy lessons?

The sad fact is a lot of parents see the figures and take their children out of the school because they believe it's doing badly. Now they report that their 7-year olds are stressed out by doing Sats in exam conditions in a school hall (how awful). Their child may be doing better now but memories of this will linger and stress them the next time! Quite frankly I don't care what my daughter's Sats results are. I know she is a bright happy child who is looking forward to moving on to Junior school. Mrs Pauline Ricketts East Sussexnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

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