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Letters extra: 'selfish and soulless society'

Once again the government ignores the pleas of teachers as Mr Blair endeavours to halt the drift towards a "selfish and soulless society" by making teenagers do community work. It is clear, once again, that the ills of society must be cured in schools by those whingeing, moaning teachers. Hasn't it dawned on him yet that we are already drowning in a sea of innitiatives? To add another is irresponsible.

Besides, what's the difference between community service, a punishment from the courts, and forced community work? If he thinks teenagers will volunteer, he needs a reality check. I can just picture it, Friday, period six, pond clearing, and thousands of pupils bunking off. Who will be blamed? Why, teachers, of course, for not making their objectives and outcomes clear enough on their lesson plans.

Well I have had enough. If this innitiative comes on stream, I will refuse to implement it.

I have passed the threshold, and have recently been appointed to a position with four management points and consider myself to be competent, like the majority of my colleagues. If I face dismissal, then so be it, I will be sacked.

What will become of me? Well, I'll join the increasing band of supply teachers, face far less stress, pick and choose when and where to work, and probably live to a hundred. I'm not alone, there are others out there too!

M Johnson

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