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Letters Extra: Sisterly love

So Hank Roberts is rearing his head again for the sake of Unity 2000. Doesnbsp;anybody else notice that there are three letters in there relating to justnbsp;one union? NUT.

Is this what Hank wants for us all? Each of the three major teacher's unions has different rules, differentnbsp;philosophies and different constitutions. And that is the crux of the matter.

If every teacher were the same then we could have one union, butnbsp; as it happens every teacher is not the same.

Every union is not the same; for example, the NUT is very politically motivated and debates at their conference include political debates outside education. The NASUWT has annbsp;apolitical stance and will very rarely debate anything outside education.

It is also more biased toward the teacher and protecting the teacher's pay and conditions. ATL has a more leisurely and 'old fashioned', in the best sense of the word, attitude and is interested in Education with a capital E.

I could go on quoting differences but that is not the reason for this letter.nbsp;Just why is Hank trying to cause trouble within the ranks of ATL? He has not succeeded with NASUWT and now he has set his sights on ATL.

If Unity were to succeed and all three unions joined we would have one NUT and asnbsp;the NUT are the union who are trying to destroy the government'snbsp;initiative in reducing teacher workload then we would end up with more strife and less unity.

I appeal to members of ATL: don't let him split your ranks, remember he has not been through any interviews for the General Secretary's job, if henbsp;gets such a prestigious role without an interview that is a travesty ofnbsp;natural justice.

Mind you as a member of NASUWT, a union that sent the prospect of Unity away at their conference, I ought to be cheering thatnbsp;Hank has now decided to concentrate his efforts on you!

But at the same time I feel sorry for you because if he is allowed to get away with this he will make your union a laughing stock.

Sheila Hamnett (A proud NASUWT member)
Sutherland Street

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