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Letters Extra: Sussex teachers against SATs

Boycotting the Tory idea of a US-import - "Standard Assessment Tests" (SATs) - is nothing new for many professional teachers in Sussex. And they certainly didn't need to rely on the children's parents to back them up ("SATs boycott threat made by teachers", West Sussex County Times , June 20).

For example, in June 1993, Burgess Hill's Sheddingdean Primary School defied the then Conservative Government - by running the SATs National Curriculum Tests, but refusing to report results.

Robert Eggleston, Sheddingdean's Vice-Chairman of Governors, said: "Frankly, enough was enough...these Tests had already been burdensome, and their value is questionable...results give parents a completely inaccurate of their children's ability...they are meaningless, and it is an embarrassment to report them."

Richard W. Symonds M.C.I.P.D.nbsp; Crawley, West Sussex


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