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Letters extra: teachers leaving

I write in response to "Job Stats" by John Howson (July 13) and would like to thank him for pointing out the ever recurring problem of people leaving teaching.

Although his article was concerned with headteachers, we know the same applies to class teachers. Over the past six years, I have seen one initiative after another introduced - I have also witnessed the turmoil created by these changes. Furthermore, I have spent countless evenings marking NFER and QCA papers - neither of which proved to be of any importance. I am now applying for teaching jobs overseas.

However, I did meet a key member of the Department for Education and Skills who claimed that there were no problems in education, there was not a shortage of teachers and that I was in the minority for complaining. We are fighting a losing battle - I truly feel for the people I will leave behind.

Hasna Khatun
Acocks Green,

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