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Letters extra: Teaching, not spinning

David Miliband says that 3 SATs in 9 years is not excessive. In fact, SATs are a daily pressure on pupils and teachers alike. The NUT boycott - which will also cover the so-called optional tests, practice tests, revision classes and the rest - will relieve that pressure.

Thus, the children who attend the primary school in St. Helens which has a 'practice SATs week' every half term will get six weeks of extra learning added onto every academic year!

These pupils will see an immediate benefit.nbsp;They will learn more and enjoy school more.nbsp;They will be more fun to teach.nbsp;Teaching them will be a more satisfying and rewarding job than it is now.

Attacking the proposed NUT boycott, David Milliband says that union members should not decide national policy. He forgets that these union members are also teachers. I think many would agree that it is time teachers rather than spin doctors determined what happens in the classroom.

Robin Pye (personal capacity)
St. Helens NUT

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