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Letters extra: Test of patience

On March 12 I tool the numeracy exam for gaining qualified teacher status and half way through the computer crashed.

I was told I would be contacted about the resultsnbsp;but it is now more than three weeks later and I am still waiting. I have found this very frustrating as we have a great amount of work to do. I don't think I should be chasing this up as the fault was entirely the test centre's.

I, and a great number of other students, have also found the resources very frustrating as the CD-Roms that were published to aid revision did not always work. Considering that the Government has invested a lot of money for these tests, I would have thought the resources would be accurate (there are mistakes in the revision guide)and would work properly. If the Government is so keen on newly qualified teachers being able to write, spell and count then why don't they introduce the tests as an entry requirement to the course? Giving fourth year students ornbsp;PGCEs tests at the most crucial time in their course is not the best thing to do. Joanne Sayernbsp; Westerham, Kent

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