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Letters Extra: Those Miliband plans in full?

When will ministers stop undermining and devaluing teachers? When will ministers stop adding another pressure on top of everything else?

Perhaps when there are no teachers left. 'Teachers leaving with dignity' sounds like a pro-euthanasia advert. The possibility of the automatic pay increases being cut is outrageous.

Is it any wonder teachers are leaving the profession? The government should be trying to encourage teachers not demoralise them.

Long hours, never being thought good enough andnbsp;excessive paperworknbsp;are allnbsp;detrimental to teachers' morale. Government ministers have no problem awarding themselves huge pay increases even when mistakes are made and millions of pounds are wasted. Are they showing 'excellence' then? Or even 'competence'? Hypocrisy springs to mind. How can anyone respect a government whose motto appears to be: "Do as I say not as I do?" C Silvester Wellington Road Todmorden

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