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Letters extra: Trust me, I can teach

I would like to know if any of your readers feel the same as me.

I am qualified registered general nurse, registered sick children's nurse, midwife, have a biochemistry degree, Certificate in Education (FE) and my D32, 33, 34.

Why is then that I have to have my practice checked twice a year, by four different external verifiers, as I run many different courses in health and social care? When they have been I feel totally inadequate as the goal posts change every time they visit and each one wants something different.

My professional knowledge is doubted every time yet teachers with less vocational knowledge than myself teach health and social care courses in schools. It appears that my certificate in education will not allow me to teach in schools either. NVQs are a nightmare. QCA sends out information suggesting a move to paperless portfolio and then the EV comes in saying there is not enough evidence. Who am I to believe? There seems to be a need now for signatures in black pen by the assessor, red pen by the external verifier and now green pen by the external verifier. The candidate will have a multitude of different coloured pens throughout their portfolio. When I was nursing my practice was observed but not to this extent and never in such a negative way. I even did a return to practice course last year and after two days on the wards I was trusted with my own workload and given endless support not constant criticism. Isn't it time awarding bodies and QCA started trusting us to do the job we trained for?

Valerie Fleming (Mrs) 12 Grundy Close Abingdon Oxfordshire OX14 3SD

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