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Letters extra: VSO is recruiting primary teachers

Teenage Teacher Spreads the Word ( TES, 17 October 2003 ) was an uplifting story of the high value attached to education by a community in Pakistan.

VSO is aware of many similarly inspiring stories from other communities and philanthropists all over Pakistan. VSO has just reopened its programme in Pakistan with volunteers returning in March 2004 in order to support teachers like Nazia and trusts and communities like those in Kagazi.

Whilst the `Education for All' agenda demands increased access to education, particularly for girls, we know that children vote with their feet if the quality of education they get is poor.

VSO supports in-service teacher training and builds the capacity of local Pakistani organisations to deliver improved quality of primary education through in-service support, developing teaching resource banks and working with communities to promote the value of educating girls. We then work to link the school level experience that teachers have to those at policy level through our Valuing Teachers campaign, which works to raise awareness of the conditions teachers in developing countries are working under.

We are urgently looking to recruit 10 primary teachers with two or more years experience to work alongside teacher colleagues in poor rural communities in Pakistan. If any readers are interested please visit; or call 020 8780 7500.
Penny Lawrence
Director, International Programmes


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