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Letters Extra: What do we tell the children?

I am, as headteacher of a mixed faith community school facing a dilemma.nbsp;

We are facing not only continuing difficulties and issues in our own land, but are now facing the serious threat of war, a war which no right minded person actually wants to see happen and not one that we can certainly win, if winning is the major issue.

The level of aggression in my school appears to be increasing at present.nbsp;I fear that levels of intolerance between different groups of the community might spill out into our schools if a conflict is to take place.nbsp; Little or no thought appears to be given to the wider issues.

Children are exposed and vulnerable, this continuing media hype against Iraq may well unleash a backlash, which affects children already in school.

Isn't it time to stop trying to be an international power, and a small one at that, and turn our attention towards putting right what is going seriously wrong with things in our own country before it is too late?

Richard Maudsley
Whitings Hill Primary School
Whitings Road

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