Letters Extra: Who watches the watchers?

In response to Ms Fiona Eldridge's letter (Keeping teachers out is criminal, TES August 16), the police's records are far from accurate.

In September 1999, the Metropolitan Police announced that 75 per cent of all emergency calls made to the police are false or malicious.

Any allegation made to the Thames Valley Police (TVP), results in a prosecution. Naturally, good solicitors ensure that false prosecutions are abandoned but the TVP still hold the allegation on record together with details of the prosecution.

In the case of a false conviction, does the Criminal Records Bureau have details of the appeal and overturned conviction? Some people have criminal tendencies, including child abuse, but most do not. An accurate central register is required that names and shames child abusers. This register could regularly be circulated to all schools, orphanages and so on.

Surely ensuring that all school children are safe from abuse is a matter for the Department for Education and Skills. Do new parents have to undergo the indignity of police checks?

The time has come to stop making silly checks on teachers as if the whole of the teaching profession has just escaped from prison. Most child abuse takes place in the home. It is outrageous that professionals cannot work while amateurs are too lazy to find out the truth.

Name and shame child abusers so that the rest of the teaching profession can get on with the business of education.

Brigitte Bird (former teacher)
Hundred Acres Lane

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