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Letters extra: Why has 'good' become 'satisfactory'?

We have just finished Ofsted, the new framework!nbsp;This is the third time that our school has been a guinea-pig and therefore the baseline, from which other schools will be inspected over the next few years.nbsp;

We have been through the mill and in spite of this we will come out as "satifactory".nbsp; What concerns me most is the number of times teachers have been told that last year their lessons would have been judged as "good" or "very good" but this year they have to be "satisfactory".nbsp;

What is the political thinking behind this change? Is it just co-incidence that you reported two weeks ago that schools which get too many "satisfactorys" may go into special measures? Why should our Ofsted report go on websites for estates agents and the like as less attractive options because we have been inspected under new criteria? Laura Allen Londonnbsp; N12

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