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Letters extra: Why I won't pay the GTC sub

I flatly refuse to pay any subscription to the GTC and have informed them so. I shall also be writing to my local authority refusing permission for any deductions to be made to my salary 'at source'.

I choose to have AVC s deducted but I fail to understand how the GTC can interfere with my salary without my written permission. I did not vote in any referendum for the GTC and cannot see what it will offer me that the NAHT does not already offer me.

Is this not another way in which hard-working teachers are yet again punished through their pay packets whilst ministers dither over teacher workload based upon idiotic Friday afternoon ideas dreamed up to maintain civil servants in their jobs?

After all if Nick Tate can suddenly, in a blinding flash of light admit 'we got it wrong' who else is prepared to put their hand up?

By the way a useful calculation towards obtaining QTS would be to multiply the number of teachers by pound;23 and then fantasise over where that amount of money is destined to go.

Richard Carter

Head Teacher

Beacon Community Junior School



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