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Letters extra: Working together to tackle Dyspraxia

I read the article on Dyspraxia (TES 17 October) with interest, however I was surprised that very little was mentioned on the collaborative work of education and health professionals.

I know that this probably reflects the fact, that most teachers have taken the initiative to recognise children with the condition themselves, in the absence of health provision to support them.

Dyspraxia is nownbsp;recognised worldwidenbsp;under the umbrella term ofnbsp; "Developmental Coordination Disorder".

Very few children have pure Dyspraxia and the condition often co-exists with other conditions. These conditions need attention in their own right and this is why a differential diagnosis is important. If services work together a lot more can be done to support pupils, families and schools than mentioned in the article and several collaborative projects already exist within this country.

An example of this was published in The TES on 24 October, Jumping to new heights .

Teachers and Paediatric Therapists have a lot of common ground. Contact your local services to find out if provision exists and build bridges with collegues in health. Fransje Samsom Northumberland


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