Letters: Governor train has arrived

I read "Slow train coming" (TES, September 25), which called for compulsory induction training for all school governors, with great interest.

The Edexcel Foundation with Essex Governor Development has produced an award based on the Department for Education and Employment's booklet School Governors: A Guide to the Law.

This BTEC advanced certificate covers the knowledge new and experienced school governors need to carry out their complex role and is produced in terms of what they are expected to do, produce and know. This award recognises the learning governors have to achieve.

The BTEC advanced certificate has been operating as a pilot for a year in Essex and has proved very popular with school governors. The certificate is now being made available throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

If you would like to know more about this award contact the BTEC employer business unit on 0171 393 4290.

Sue Richardson. Edexcel Foundation. Stewart House. 32 Russell Square. London.

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