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Letters: Let's change the record on CPD (2)

Alan Clarke, Sector engagement manager Lifelong Learning UK's Catalyst programme, on CPD

Alan Clarke, Sector engagement manager Lifelong Learning UK's Catalyst programme, on CPD

I read your article "Declare CPD or lose licence" (October 16) with great interest. As an organisation dedicated to the professional development of the further education sector, Lifelong Learning UK wants FE workers to record their continuing professional development, and in doing so afford it the same level of respect given in the primary or secondary school sectors.

If nothing else, we would argue that the requirement for FE workers to record their CPD represents further professionalisation for the sector and a positive step towards teachers in FE gaining the "equality" with school teachers that they so deserve.

This said, the last thing we want to see is an FE employee wasting their time with what Stephen Jones (FE Focus, October 9) called "one more silly thing dreamt up by those who don't have to face a class every day in order to torment those that do". When teachers waste their time, students lose.

The recording of CPD should be a relatively quick and painless process. The most important question in terms of timewasting must therefore be not whether to record, but what exactly it is that you are recording and the reason for doing so.

Lifelong Learning UK's Business Interchange programme has helped teachers all over the country to update their CPD, skills and industry knowledge by providing support for structured work placements with local and national businesses.

In a recent poll conducted by Lifelong Learning UK, 92 per cent of the teachers, tutors and trainers that went on a Business Interchange placement said they gained better knowledge of their vocational area through the placement.

This is the effective CPD the sector wants and needs. When it comes to recording your CPD, if you discover that it doesn't command your respect, don't waste any more time on it: do something about it.

Alan Clarke, Sector engagement manager, Lifelong Learning UK's Catalyst programme.

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