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A Liddell extra

In the course of its duties, Jotter found itself recently in the company of a group of dedicated Lanarkshire teachers on a Sunday.

Along with a blue-nosed educational psychologist who had passed up the chance of a ticket for the Rangers-St Johnstone cup final, these impressive professionals had given up their Sunday to work with senior pupils on a special life skills project.

"We call ourselves the Helen Liddell Sunday Club," a spokesperson explained.

No doubt this was in honour of the Scottish secondary teachers' favourite hard-working politician, we ventured.

"Not really. It's just that she was spotted by a parent the other Friday (the 13th) doing her shopping in the Hamilton Asda at two o'clock in the afternoon when all good teachers were still staring at the chalk face. It's just that we feel we have to set an example in lifelong learning, if you see what we mean."

We do. We do.

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