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Life after maths;Jotter

Buteman William Scott has a more exciting life than most maths teachers. The one-time TES Scotland contributor, who swapped Bute for Brunei, has written a historical novel about Robert the Bruce whose hero is the commander of the Scottish archers at Bannockburn.

Winner of the Constable Trophy for an unpublished novel, Scott says his favourite sport is "hashing", or cross-country running, "especially in the jungle of Borneo where there is some danger of getting lost in the dark of a swamp and even being swallowed by a crocodile or python". It beats teaching Pythagoras.

The Bannockburn Years is launched next Tuesday in a Bannockburn howff by its publisher, Luath, in whose name lurks another kenspeckle story. Luath was the collie that tripped up Jean Armour at a wedding and so let Robert Burns meet his future wife.

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