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Life coach: daydream believers

You may already know that your dreams reveal something about you, but daydreams tell us a lot too. We can use that knowledge to enjoy our lives more, in three steps:

* Be aware of recurring daydreams. For example, you may find your thoughts turning to dream vacations, winning the lottery or doing something adventurous or heroic.

* Consider what clues these give about what may be missing in your life.

This isn't difficult: daydreams about luxury vacations may reflect feelings of stress and the need for a break. Dreaming of a big adventure may mean your life is in a bit of a rut.

* Brainstorm how you could get some of the missing elements in a more realistic way. Be creative. If you can't go to Hawaii, have a Hawaiian weekend at home: turn off the phone, turn up the heating, put on Hawaiian music or rent the video Mutiny on the Bounty, mix yourself a tropical drink, and relax.

Even if we can't live up to our daydreams, we may find a little of what we fancy does us good.

Jurgen Wolff is a hypnotherapist, teacher and writer. His Create Your Future weekend workshop is in London on April 5-6. E-mail

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