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Life coach: motivate yourself

Especially towards the end of term, it can become difficult to motivate yourself when facing an avalanche of work and tight deadlines. These techniques can help you.

* Work with a friend. Even if you can't actually collaborate, just working in the same room and taking occasional breaks together makes the process more enjoyable.

* Vividly imagine how good it will feel to have achieved the task before you start it. When you get tired, imagine the feeling again.

* Change your routine by adding an element of chance or playfulness. If you have a stack of reports to write, for example, randomly insert some articles from magazines you're looking forward to reading.

* Especially for larger tasks, make up a chart and note your progress.

* Create an image in your head of the thing you're most looking forward to doing during the Christmas break, and remind yourself that it is not far off.

Jurgen Wolff is a hypnotherapist, teacher, and writer. His most recent book is Do Something Different, published by Virgin Business Guides. His free Brainstorm creativity e-bulletin is on

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