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Life experience should also count as a valuable asset

Sara Christie's letter claiming there are "too many postgraduates" (January 16) is a gross generalisation.

I know that many of the people on my course have worked in environments dealing with children, and I have previously been responsible for running a children's club. Does she also not consider that life experience and working in sectors that have nothing to do with children are actually a valuable asset since, ultimately, that is what teachers should be preparing children for? Of course, this is not something she can comment on, having spent all of her adult life in a school environment.

Whether you are a BEd or PGDE student does not matter, as none of us would be on our course if our well-experienced tutors did not think us worthy. Each course, I would imagine, is specifically designed to deliver the required knowledge within its respective timeframe. But, no matter the course, you do not truly learn the ropes until you are actually doing the job. It is also worth noting that each course will most likely produce different types of teacher, which will only enhance the experiences of Scotland's children.

Kirsty E Gillies, Neilsland Drive, Motherwell.

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