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Lifetime Achievement

Winner: Alan Byrne, Stonelaw High, Rutherglen, near Glasgow

The first ever winner of this award, Alan Byrne, has been an inspirational PE teacher for more than 40 years. Colleagues and former pupils were keen to praise his enthusiasm, drive, creativity, leadership and integrity.

Comments about him included that he was "the epitome of a professional", "committed to helping others", "the best leader I've known" and "a taskmaster who'll work your socks off".

As a coach, Mr Byrne has helped Stonelaw High produce seven internationalists in six sports - in this year alone. Last year, the school had four Scottish Cup-winning teams - one in football, one in cross country and two in volleyball.

As a teacher, his work has resulted in some of the best PE exam results in Scotland, while the course materials he has written for the Highers are used in more than 100 schools. As a mentor, he has provided caring counsel for pupils, and for fellow teachers, who described the training he has given them as fun and infectiously enthusiastic.

Despite all of these responsibilities, he has still found time to work tirelessly raising money for local charities, inspiring many pupils to follow his outstanding example.

Judges' verdict: The judges were overwhelmed by Mr Byrne's achievements over 40 years, and his support for colleagues as well as for pupils. "The sheer range of sport that he's taught is impressive - but it's even more impressive when you see so many of his teams have succeeded at such a high level," they said. "And on top of this he has done unstinting work for charities. He's done it all."

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