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Lincolnshire - 90s-cassette find rocks, say pupils

Children digging for a time capsule from 40 years ago were astonished when they found another one throwing light on life in the early 1990s.

Pupils from Ling Moor Primary, near Lincoln, were astonished to find a box containing a cassette recording of Bryan Adams' 1991 hit "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)". The find was especially fascinating to many of the pupils, some of whom had never seen a cassette before.

The cassette was packaged alongside newspapers and magazines from the same year, a can of Lilt, a child's tooth, a Comic Relief red nose and a class photo of the children who buried the items, though this was in poor condition.

Acting head at the school Charlotte Hickerton said a new time capsule would be buried in the grounds at the school's 40th anniversary fete.

Harry Bond-Taylor, 9, said the capsule was an amazing find. "I have never seen a cassette tape before and it's not how I listen to music," he added. IB.

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