Link blot

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TEACHERS are just too nice, the makers of tonight's "Teachers' Special" Weakest Link show (BBC2 5.15pm) have discovered. Steve Wigley, head of Studley Green primary, Trowbridge, admits that he and other competitors at their hotel before the quiz made the mistake of agreeing "not to be too nasty to each other". "They had to force us to be horrible," he says.

"As fellow teachers, I thought we gelled incredibly well," says Mr Wigley, who cannot remember any of Anne Robinson's putdowns and seems unconcerned about not claiming the princely sum of pound;2,620 accumulated by the contestants.

In a final slap in the face for the self-styled "most obnoxious woman on TV", Mr Wigley enthuses: "Anne is a lovely person. We met her afterwards and she was really nice."

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Tes Editorial

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