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Jesus and baseline budgeting

"Why was the message of John and Jesus so revolutionary? As a modern parable, I suggest it had the effect of zero-basing the religion of the Jews. Zero-basing is a metaphor from the world of finance: it refers to a budgeting process in which each item is costed anew, rather than in relation to its size or status in the previous budget."

Jesus and true courage

"The situation in which Jesus found himself demanded plenty of courageI he was a marked man. Courage, of course, does not imply the lack of fear, but the capacity to overcome it and venture on. Yet it is when, in the traditional interpretation of Gethsemane, Jesus seems to be wrestling with fear that we feel closest to him."

Sven himself has a few words for thestaffroom experts

"Never think you know everything about football."

Sven on keeping calm

"I don't think I am famous for being upset, very seldom, but it happens of course. In football, as in my private life. I am rather calm. I have always been like this, all the teams I have coached."

Sven's tightrope

"The challenge for leaders is to perform a balancing act. They must connect with people and yet must retain a distanceI at this Sven-Goran Eriksson is a master."

Sven on the secret of Sir Alex Ferguson's management success

"Sir Alex Ferguson retired at 32 after an indifferent playing career in Scotland. He then went on to run a pub in Glasgow (this) provides preparation for virtually any job in the world."

Shackleton's way: despite a tight budget, he believes in equipping his people properly

"To help your staff to do top-notch work, give them the best equipment you can afford. Working with outdated, unreliable tools creates a burden."

Shackleton-style crisis management

"Keep your malcontents close to you. Resist your instinct to avoid them and instead try to win them over and gain their support. Defuse tension. In high-stress situations use humour to put people at ease, and keep your staff busy."

Shackleton-style stress management

"Be as tolerant as possible. Get to know each employee's strengths and weaknesses, and set reasonable expectations. Occasionally indulging individuals, even if you think they're being too needy, can have a powerful effect, especially in high-stress situations."

Shackleton's method of supporting the weak links in a team

"Never point out the weaknesses of individuals in front of others. Often, it's better to let everyone share in a remedy aimed at a few. Chances are, even the strongest will benefit from it."

Shackleton's way: the leader has to stay to the end

"Make sure the whole job is done. Your staff may be able to call it quits after the heavy lifting is over, but you are responsible for seeing the work through to its successful conclusion."

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