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Literacy available on the Internet;Reading initiatives;Basic skills

POSTOFFICE:Look out for the Royal Mail annual letter writing competition ( In the autumn, there are plans to put samples of a modular education programme on the Net ( This will be an aid to the national curriculum, promoting literacy. The Post Office is also developing a website about its various resources, with an emphasis on promoting literacy. A launch date has yet to be decided but access is possible (

NORTHCLIFFENEWSPAPERS: As an aid to key stage 2 English, Northcliffe Newspapers Education Service is developing a new feature, NewsTime. It will have a newspaper format, though pages will be enlarged with fewer stories. "We're flagging up and marketing the product on the Net in the autumn," a spokeswoman said (

ANGLIACAMPUS: An online curriculum service, jointly owned by Anglia Multimedia and BT. Available through subscription, it has around 1,000 schools online, at a cost to secondaries of pound;450 a year and pound;120 to primaries. At key stage 1, it has a series of stories linked to the literacy hour theme of work. For secondaries, it addresses literacy through its business IT unit (

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