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Literacy - Language skills for all

A new online resource has been launched to support non-English subject teachers who will now be expected to develop pupils' literacy skills across all subject areas - one of the key principles underlying Curriculum for Excellence.

Fiona Norris, leader of the literacy team at Learning and Teaching Scotland, said: "There is an expectation that literacy, along with health and well-being and numeracy, will now be the responsibility of all practitioners as part of the new curriculum. The Knowledge of Language resource is designed to provide users with a helpful checking point for elements of the English language such as parts of speech, punctuation, grammar and syntax, tricky spellings and common confusions. It will provide all teachers with the confidence that they need to promote literacy across all aspects of learning."

In addition, there is a Scots language section, which provides an essential introduction to the language, with information on its history, dialects, role in education and how to incorporate Scots into teaching across the curriculum.

"Both the English and the Scots modules are designed to be `dipped into', rather than read from start to finish," Ms Norris said.

The Scots language author and publisher Matthew Fitt, who worked with the LTS literacy team to create the Scots language section, said: "In step with the growing demand from teachers for more information about Scots, the module gives Scottish education an excellent platform on which to build provision for the language for the next generation of bairns and weans."

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