Literary show-time

BECAUSE OF the links with Queensferry and the Hawes Inn in 'Kidnapped', Queensferry High is fully on board for the Edinburgh reading campaign.

It is planning a 'Kidnapped' festival day, coordinated by school librarian Di Wild, beginning with a member of staff piping the pupils into school, and followed by a Scottish country dance display during morning break.

Scottish author Matthew Fitt will be involving S1 pupils with fun, games and material relating to his Scots version of 'Kidnappit' before they watch a performance of 'When Kilts Were Banned'.

The school's drama department is putting on a pre-show event with pupils, so there will be production photographs ready for display on the day.

There will also be a masterclass given by scriptwriter Alan Grant and illustrator Cam Kennedy, creators of the graphic version of 'Kidnapped'.

At the Hawes Inn, a senior pupil will take part in a discussion of the graphic novel - with well-known people from the book world - to give the teenage perspective on the book.

The craft and design department is designing a model for display on the school concourse, "Wanted" posters and a leaflet called "In the Footsteps of David Balfour", describing the route from Corstorphine Hill to the Hawes Inn.

Rumour has it there may even be a kidnapping along the way.

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