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Little helpers get elfin hand;FE Focus

FATHER Christmas and his elves will be able to improve their

performance in December with a little in-house training.

A college in Weston-Super-Mare, in Somerset, is offering courses for prospective Santas, and their "little helpers".

The course, run at Weston College by Father Christmas himself, teaches psychological profiling of children, manners, hygiene, how to deal with awkward children, or more usually, difficult parents.

Well-known local celebrity Rex, "I have no surname, life is too short", has been acting as FC's agent, as company director of

Santasleigh and Co Ltd. "We trained a few potential Father Christmases last year but realised it was no use unless he had decent staff at the time."

Steve Jones, marketing manager at Weston College, said Harrods, the London store, had inquired whether they could supply a few fully-trained Santas.

"The courses are very interesting. It is not just about putting a bit a fluff on your face and putting on a red coat, " he said.

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