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Liverpool - Contest between a rock and a sharp place

It can often be used to decide who makes the tea, or simply to pass time, but a school in Liverpool has decided to stage a full-blown paper, scissors, stone championship.

Sacred Heart Primary School in Kensington has taken a step back from the myriad of modern computer games that are on offer to children and has set up its own tournament for the famous game.

According to headteacher Charles Daniels, the idea was put forward by the pupils themselves, who had recently started playing the game during a school trip to London. Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Mr Daniels said: "Every year group will have a go, with the winners going through to a final in the school hall. Some of the teachers have even had a go when they were on stage in assembly.

"It is a lot of fun and the great thing about the game is that anyone can play it - all generations - meaning the pupils can have a go with their families and neighbours." rv.

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