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Liverpool - No break for KitKat snack

A school in Liverpool has been criticised by council officials for breaching healthy food guidelines by handing out KitKats to pupils once a term.

St Edward's College was criticised by Liverpool Council's food police for breaching a new audit system that aims to help schools in the region meet national guidelines which ban junk food.

The school, which has been rated outstanding by Ofsted in three consecutive inspections,was warned it was falling short of required standards and was even subjected to an official reprimand.

Headteacher John Waszek admitted to the Transforming School Food Strategy that a box of KitKats was on school premises, but added the reprimand was another example of unnecessary legislation.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Mr Waszek said: "The person came into school and I was told that chocolate should not be allowed and we were in breach of the regulations.

"I just laughed. On a termly basis during two or three break times a week I invite all Year 7, Year 12 and Year 9 pupils into my office for what is very valuable pastoral time, something we do with very positive feedback from the parents.

"I ask the students would they like a tea, coffee or hot chocolate and they can have a little KitKat. Because of that, we have a box of KitKats in school."

He said the school had previously been warned that it was breaching rules by handing out a single sausage roll during the winter months to members of a sports team after a game. RV.

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