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Liverpool - Taylor tangle scuppers gig

A school in Liverpool was forced to cancel a concert by an unknown American singer after local press confused her with multi-Grammy award winner Taylor Swift.

Liverpool Echo said that the country music star was due to play at St Margaret Mary's Catholic Junior School in Knowsley, prompting fans to contact the school. The concert was also wrongly advertised in an announcement during a Liverpool FC game at Anfield.

In fact, St Margaret Mary's was due to host 16-year-old Taylor Bright, who was in the UK to publicise her first single. Her appearance for the Knowsley pupils was one of seven concerts she was due to play.

The school put a statement on its website which read: "We had planned a short concert for the children ... featuring an unknown singer, Taylor Bright. Unfortunately, the Liverpool Echo has printed an inaccurate story that pop singer Taylor Swift is coming."

The paper apologised for the mistake and said it would make a donation to the school. DM.

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