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Longman History Project

Longman History Project. (SHPModern World). Germany 1918-45. By Josh Brooman. Series editor: Josh Brooman

Pearson Longman. Price: pound;8.99. Tel: 0800 579579.


Josh Brooman's book provides excellent material for both the Modern World History and the Schools History Project specifications. The purpose of each of the eight units is clearly defined, although more could be made of the enquiry questions that are tucked away in the units. Students will enjoy the engaging text, the fascinating first-hand accounts and the stunning visual sources.


Within each unit, students are provided with questions based on the written and visual sources. "Reviews" at the end of each unit give more scope for students to engage with the material at a deeper level. An interesting final review asks them to think about German teenagers' views of Hitler in the 1970s.


Open and uncluttered pages make this instantly appealing. A wide range of colourful maps and diagrams are used to communicate key information.

Students will also appreciate the integrated glossary. The large and fascinating photographs should provoke some lively discussion work.


An appealing text that will stimulate students' interest in the period.

This is the best of the bunch for quality photographic sources

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