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Look forward to quitting early

From Derek Collins

Over the past few weeks, I have been listening to and reading complaints about the proposed changes in the early retirement regulations for teachers' pensions.

Perhaps I have it wrong, but I understand the situation to be that after 50 in the correct circumstances, a teacher may retire and have the pension to which he is entitled.

His employer may decide to enhance that pension, but the teacher has no right or entitlement to expect that enhancement.

For reasons best known to themselves, the employers have chosen to divert money which could have gone into schools to make what are in effect huge payouts to burnt-out teachers over the past 15 years or so.

This is now to be stopped. In an informed Christian country, teachers would see parallels in the parable about the labourers in vineyards.

I stopped teaching 15 months ago with 20 years' entitlement and a cheap bottle of wine by way of enhancement. Still under 60, I am involved in a happy and, I hope, productive new life.

Stop vapouring, you worn-out teachers. Look forward and do it!

DEREK COLLINS The Glengyle, 1 Avenue Road, Hurst Green, Clitheroe, Lancashire.

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