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Looking ahead

In mid-May, Teachers' TV devotes two weeks to resources for learning, in response to positive feedback from viewers who like the Resource Review strand. This is where a panel of teachers survey materials for different subjects. Programmes coming up include reviews of resources for early childhood education (May 15, 7pm) and for primary drama (May 19, 7pm).

In no subject has teaching been altered by technology so much as in modern languages: ICT for MFL (as TTV likes to call it) can have a big wow factor (Teachers' TV, April 28, 2pm), and the internet is adding a new dimension, by giving students access to authentic materials and the chance to communicate with their counterparts abroad.

But the advice is to start small: quite simple technical devices can often produce the best results. This is underlined later on the same day by an edition of Resource Review (April 28, 2.30pm) which applauds a set of photocopiable lesson starters for French but has a few reservations about a technically more advanced website. Above all, you must learn to integrate the resources into the lesson and not expect the technology to do the teaching.

"I hate this class... I can't bear it!" The life of recently qualified teacher Jemima Riley is made a misery by Year 9 French, one of the chattering classes who would rather spend 40 minutes hunting for pens and a clean sheet of paper than learning to speak a second language. As a result, the classroom echoes to the sound of their merry voices and her unheeded instructions - all in English.

Luckily, John Bayley is on hand with advice about positive reinforcement.

Jemima must let her students know what stars they are on the rare occasions when they do as she tells them (Teaching With Bayley: Ecoutez!, Teachers'

TV, April 28, 2.45pm). Bon courage, Jemima!

Feel like a change of job already? Extending Your Range (Teachers' TV, May 11, 10am) shows a science NQT struggling with the extra challenge of teaching computer skills: not easy, when the class has its back to you and is staring at a screen. Tracey learns some useful management skills and soon she is feeling OK about ICT. Another happy ending looms...

Robin Buss

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