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Looking ahead

As term heads past exams towards the holidays, some newly qualified teachers are looking back over their first year in the job.

Six of them let us into their Survival Secrets (Teachers' TV, June 14, 2pm). Expert Elizabeth Holmes is on hand with her own comments, but the best advice comes from the NQTs who are themselves pretty expert by now.

Tell other people about your problems, they say, pace yourself, get to know who works the photocopier and get involved in school life. Remember, too, that even in the worst lesson you will have taught them something.

And, most of all, make the best of your leisure time (they forgot to add: just don't let your pupils catch you doing it).

Later on the same day, three secondary NQTs look back to their First Term and Beyond (Teachers' TV, June 14, 2.15pm). They are all getting good support from their departments and their schools, and have come to appreciate how important this is.

The end of the year is a time for taking stock, and primary school teachers Sandra and David, who work in south London, are refining their skills in Getting There (Teachers' TV, June 13, 9am), with some expert help from Sara Bubb. One of their tasks is to help the children in their classes with self-assessment, and they learn how to make this is a more precise and educative process.

Looking to the future: Teachers' TV is making the last week in May its green week and among the programmes on offer is Inspirations: Going Green (May 24, 7pm), which shows how schools and teachers can co-operate to help the environment. The film visits a primary school in Cheshire which has been built to be as eco-friendly as possible, and a secondary school in East Sussex where pupils and staff have created a centre from which they run a number of environmental projects.

And further afield: on June 17 and 18, the Discovery Science channel is having a planets weekend (6am-9pm), taking a journey through the solar system. With facts about the planets, speculation on future exploration of space and amazing visuals, this could provide some enjoyable pre-holiday viewing for your science class - you deserve it - in those last lessons of term.

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