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Looking back on a year of TESpro

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Welcome to this index of the first year of TESpro (see attached file on right). If you have been dutifully collecting each issue in a binder, this should help you to track down any articles you might suddenly need.

If you haven't been collecting TESpro but spot something handy for your teaching then have no fear. All the back issues are available online for free in digital editions, although these are only accessible to TES subscribers.

The index is broken down by section to help you find:

- our main "pedagogy" reports;

- everything else as an A-to-Z (including our research articles, case studies of innovative practice, behaviour reports and questions-and- answers); and

- a list of many of the schools mentioned, in the UK and the rest of the world.

The index is far from comprehensive - there was no room, for example, to include all the universities and academics that have been cited. The University of London's Institute of Education and Durham and Cambridge universities cropped up especially often, as did Professor John Hattie of Melbourne University.

Looking through the lists you may also think: "Why on earth didn't they cover x?" In which case, let us know, and we will see if it is something we can report on in future editions.

The second volume of TESpro starts next week. We hope you will start a fresh binder.

All the best,

Michael Shaw.

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