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Lost marker in the Edexcel fog

You might be interested in my experience with the "Kafkaesque exam board" Edexcel (TES, Letters, May 13).

I am a key stage 2 English marker and I live in the south of England. I was told to attend a training meeting on May 14 in London.

About two weeks before the meeting I received training materials which I read and marked. Then on Thursday May 5, I got a letter telling me to go to a meeting in Coventry. No explanation was given. I tried countless times to phone the board and emailed three times. Eventually after leaving many messages I spoke to a human who said it was impossible to accommodate me at a London meeting. As I had commitments on Friday, I had to withdraw from marking. How many other markers have Edexcel "lost"this year.

Ruth Lozano

123 Dolphins Road

Folkestone, Kent

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