Lottery cash to boost hi-tech training

Primary teachers and librarians stand to benefit from the National Lottery-funded training in information and communications technology (ICT).

The Government has allocated Pounds 230 million of Lottery money to fund the training, which starts in April. This aims to raise teachers' confidence and competence with ICT to the same level as their newly-qualified counterparts.

Primary teachers are often not as familiar with computers as secondary teachers because of a lack of equipment. The Teacher Training Agency, which is overseeing the initiative, says the training is intended to help them know when to use ICT and when not to.

Schools will be required to nominate those teachers that they want to be trained.

Lists of providers will be sent out in February so that schools can choose those that best suit their needs. Those with good computer equipment will be first to get training. Tuition will mainly be conducted by distance learning.

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