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Louise Dance

Louise Dance is phase co-ordinator for Years 3 and 4 at Priory School

I have been bringing groups to the museum since it opened in 1998. I have a strong family connection with the sport - a daughter who rowed for Wadham College, Oxford - although it was winning a year's membership in a charity auction that first brought me here.

I quickly saw its potential for a whole range of Year 4 activities and put together a "river and streams" art, science, geography and history unit which has the museum visit as its culmination.

There's hardly a topic that isn't possible to touch on when studying water.

And the children seem to love it here, a lot of them make their parents bring them back. The topic has grown richer still now Priory is benefiting from part of the pound;40 million Creative Partnership funding distributed via the Arts Council. This enabled me to bring a poet into school who taught the children sea shanties and how to dance the hornpipe. For me the most thrilling exhibit is the full-sized section of an ancient Athenian trireme.

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