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What would you rescue if your school was on fire?

News Time, an eight-page tabloid newspaper for primary pupils produced by the Northcliffe regional newspaper group, has scooped the literacy hourin St Helens, Lancashire, reports literacy consultant Jennie Foster. It costs pound;49.95 a year for 35 copies each of six issues. Order from Northcliffe Newspapers Education Services.Tel: 01332 595646. Email:

"Teachers in our local authority love this. It's a activity newspaper designed with primary children in mind, with everything written to capture their interest: news stories, features, letters, adverts, opinion columns and puzzles. With multiple copies, whole-class, group or independent work is possible. An A3 enlargement of the front page and accompanying teacher's notes makes this a winner."

pound;40 for each recommendation published. Write to Love It, TES Friday, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1W 1BX

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