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Love Thrope, hate her take on exam boards

I usually love Ms Anne Thrope's columns but I have to protest at the way she portrayed the exam boards in England as "rubbing their hands in glee" (23 November) at the number of entries for GCSE English in November and next year, following the Ofqual fiasco.

I have worked for one of the main exam boards for eight years and at a meeting two weeks ago I saw nothing but disappointment at the current situation.

Not only have they had to administer a resit but they have to divert time, resources and staff to putting together a "bid" to run the English exams for the English Baccalaureate. If Ms Thrope really thinks that nobody at the boards cares about Bradley and his salt-and-vinegar essays, then she is wrong. We all care, passionately.

Lyn Lockwood, English teacher and senior assessor, Sheffield.

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