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Lucky draw for bingo

In a lightning-fast response to Sir Alan Steer's recommendations last week that teachers introduce games such as bingo and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? into their lessons, gambling giant Gala Coral Group announced a special teachers' night for their bingo clubs.

The Bingo Brain Boost aims to "enthuse teachers about the power of bingo". If it succeeds, it will also have the knock-on effect of "enthusing" the pupils - and where better to play than in one of Gala's bingo halls?

"Bingo is not only great for the mind, but is great for community ties," said the manager of Gala's gaming division as his company sprang on to the bandwagon. "Hopefully Britain's teachers will be able to take something useful away from Gala Bingo's new initiative as well as enjoying a great night out."

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