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Made ill by the profession I love;Letter

WHAT on earth are successive governments doing to the teaching profession?

I am an experienced, dedicated, forward-thinking teacher, who is now a deputy head of an infant school.

Yesterday, I was saddened and disheartened to find out that I now join three other members of staff in our school who are taking anti-depressants.

With 20 years successful and enjoyable years of service in the profession I once loved, I am now in the position of considering that my health is more important than the career to which I was once so dedicated.

I have the qualifications, experience, expertise and qualities which the Government requires for school leadership and management.

If something is not done quickly to alleviate the situation, I, along with many others, will be driven from the profession for the sake of my health.

When is somebody going to do something about it?

Isn't it about time the Government, teachers and unions recognised what is happening to our good teachers and the very low morale of staff in so many schools around the country?

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