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Major value-added research projects

The DFE now appears to concede that exam results tables give a misleading impresion of schools' achievements. But will it ever be possible to compile "value-added" rankings - and should we even try? David Budge opens a two-page report.

ALIS (A-level Information System): analysis-of-results service offered by Newcastle University since 1983. Now includes General National Vocational Qualifications. The 383 participating schools receive wide range of additional data including information on pupils' attitudes. Newcastle also runs the Secondary Heads Association 16-plus Value-added System, which covers 506 schools.

Contact: CEM Centre: (091-222 6588).

PIP (Performance Indicators Project): mounted jointly by Sheffield University and Homerton College, Cambridge. Provides sophisticated multi-level analysis for eight LEAs and their schools.

Contact: Professor John Gray, Homerton (0223-411141) or David Jesson, Sheffield (0742-768555).

PIPS (Performance Indicators in Primary Schools): Newcastle University project backed by National Association of Head Teachers. Eight clusters of schools helping to pilot system that can track the progress of pupils through the national curriculum and monitor their self-esteem and quality of life within school.

Contact: Peter Tymms (091-222 6820).

QUASE (Quantitative Analysis for Self-Evaluation): confidential GCSE review service that the NFER is providing for secondary schools. Wide variety of school and social background factors included in the analysis.A similar service is being provided for a consortium of 14 LEAs.

Contact: Anne Milne (0753-574123 ext 353).

YELLIS (Year 11 Information System): compares GCSE scores with results of numerical and vocabulary tests taken at the start of Year 10. Also provides information on pupils' attitudes. About 300 schools take part in the Newcastle University project.

Contact: CEM office (091-222 6588).

The Institute of Education, London University is also regarded as a "market leader" in value-added analysis of primary, secondary and post-16 institutions.

Contact: Sally Thomas or Pam Sammons (071-612 63426326).

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