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Man with the genital touch

There was much hilarity at a recent bash attended by some of the great and the good of lifelong learning the other day over the latest example of good teaching practice.

Such luminaries as Jo Clough, the Association of Colleges' international director, and John Hedger, former education mandarin and chairman of Lifelong Learning UK, enjoyed a good titter about their recent fact-finding tour in the Middle East.

A member of United Nations education body Unesco gave a demonstration of how the story of the birds and the bees is being explained in parts of the world where the facts of life are as loosely understood as they are in some parts of our own country.

The demonstration lesson involved the man putting on a multi-layered apron.

As the layers were lifted, a picture of female genitalia was displayed around his middle.

Further lifting of layers revealed a male organ (not his own, I'm assured) in various states of arousal. Beats the overhead projector any day.

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