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Man holes

My piercings have been criticised and I have been asked to remove them, as they do not set the "appropriate tone" for a college librarian. Can this really be happening? The college in which I work accepts all and sundry, but staff must all dress like suited clones and brush their teeth twice a day or they are brought to book. I am aggrieved by my treatment. My piercings are a form of bodily expression. And, after all, female staff get to wear earrings.

I doubt if you'll get the sack over it. College corporate conformity these days seems inversely related to indiscriminate customer diversity. It is a confusing message for students: one which states we are happy to take you as you are but, having gained qualifications with us, you may find your future employer will expect you to change your appearance to suit their requirements. Personally, I'm glad to hear that the image of the laconic librarian in V-neck and Hush Puppies is dead.

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