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Manchester - Geldof launches truancy aid

Bob Geldof this week helped launch a new parental communication system installed in Manchester's 167 state schools to help reduce truancy levels.

The system allows schools to send parents early email, text message or voicemail alerts if their child has failed to arrive.

It can also be used to send quick personalised reports to individual parents on behaviour, attendance or progress and to contact them all at the same time in emergencies.

The Live Aid founder, now a successful businessman, introduced the scheme at an event last week in Manchester as investor and managing partner in Groupcall, the firm that provides the system.

Vince Slatford, from Manchester City Council, said the system would "prove invaluable" and would be "hugely beneficial" to schools. "As well as being able to report on timekeeping, behaviour and assessment, they can now communicate in a new way that will save money and time," he said. WS.

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